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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kropotkin: Right and Wrong

In an article entitled "The Coming Revolution" (1886), Kropotkin got one prediction wrong:

"We are living on the eve of great events. Before the end of this century has come we shall see great revolutionary movements breaking up our social conditions in Europe and probably also in the United States of America."

Well, no. The social conditions were not broken, and capitalism is alive and kicking into the poor with new-found glee and vigour. In fact, the social conditions that Kropotkin described, in the same article, are still in force today:

"The commercial crisis grows worse and worse. Millions of workmen, driven away from the country to the ever-growing cities, are wandering about without work. We boast of our gigantic cities, and unheard-of misery grows up in those centres where all the wealth of the world is spent in an unhealthy luxury, amidst the rags and destitution of the poor."



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